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                  Tai Yi Glaze CO., LTD. was founded in 1987 in Taiwan, which was obtained ISO9002 certification in 1999. We mainly engaged with ceramic glaze’s sales and research & tooling ceramic glaze. Our sales scope spreads mainland China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand as well as Malaysia and so on.

                Our products is mainly application in dolomite craft products, low temperature
                terracotta products, Mid-temperature blue and white porcelain; crafts; stoneware; dinnerware of porcelain and bone china, and so on. In recent years, we are developing the reactive art glaze application on dolomite & stoneware products, and some other related glazes. We are looking forward to provide as wide as developing space to ceramic field.

                We pursue the principle of " service First ,quality First, and the technical specialty " on business management, development with diligent and positive attitude, extend our business scope face to various directions to provide you the most appropriate and stable products. We devoted our special technology on promotion the quality of ceramic with our specialized visualize.

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